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Now comes FARADAY FUTURE announcing its future entree (2017) into the EV world. No vehicle(s) at this time. Just a company intending to build a vehicle that will have “four wheels.” They are sticking with four wheels. Plenty of articles are questioning almost everything about the venture, because I guess someone has to question everything.

Not The Road Electric.

The company is named after Michael Faraday, described as one of the most influential scientists in history. Autodidactic. Son of a blacksmith, so no silver spoon like James Clerk Maxwell. But a mind that absorbed knowledge. Many discoveries are attributed to Faraday, including electromagnetic induction.

Nikola Tesla’s name has already been usurped in the great big branding game. “Tesla” rolls of the tongue, and sounds pretty cool. “Faraday” is not quite so cool-sounding, but adding the word FUTURE spices it up, and with all of the press this startup will no doubt receive, we’ll be hearing more about FARADAY FUTURE in the future.

“FF launches in 2017, and follows a similar paradigm: 100% electric, zero-emission, fully-connected and personalized in ways you’ve never even considered possible.”

In the meantime, we’re asked to sign up so we can “keep tabs” on their evolution. And since they mention “technology or transportation” – and point out that they’re “talking both” – I’m betting that an actual vehicle isn’t first on their drawing board. Perhaps some patented technology they can sell to GM, Ford and others. Guess we’ll see.

The FF website* points out that “Albert Einstein kept a picture of Michael Faraday (along with Sir Isaac Newton) on his wall as inspiration for innovation” – so I’m thinking about digging up a photo of Einstein for my wall to remind me that all things are relative.


Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin

*According to Wikipedia, Einstein also had a picture of James Maxwell on his office wall. But since a gasoline-powered car by that name (not named after the scientist) had already been produced in the United States in the early 1900’s – I guess FF thought it best to keep Maxwell out of their version of the story.


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