A Vision Softly Creeping

Volkswagen’s Ad Agency has created a wonderful, overwrought fairy tale about the origin of the I.D. BUZZ. Is that really so bad?

The ad is beautifully produced and artfully crafted. Thanks to the Simon & Garfunkel music track, it ties together the dramatic themes of “darkness” [evil, soulless Germanic engineers without moral compass] and “silence” [that’s right, electric cars don’t make noise] while transporting us back to a time of innocence when VW buses were associated with peace, love and going uphill in 3rd gear.

Of course, none of this emotion is based in reality.

With “dirty diesels” upending corporate average CO2 emissions [thanks to Dieselgate], VW needed vehicles that would turn the numbers around fast. Hence, make vehicles without emissions. While it’s true VW was exploring electric transportation, we have Dieselgate to thank for the massive acceleration in adoption.

“Hello Light | I.D. BUZZ” paints a fanciful picture of a thoughtful, soul-searching young engineer taking back the moral high ground by designing an electric bus. It’s “a vision planted” in our brains by very sophisticated masters of storytelling.

Good or bad, it will generate discussion.

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