moto eléctrica

VOLTA MOTORBIKES of Barcelona, Spain is offering two electric motorcycles with an average range of 43.4 miles (70 km) and a top speed of 74.5 mph (120 km/h). The bikes are targeted directly at urban riders, described as “the right formula to allow you to have fun in the city.” With 70 km of range, […]

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Big Boy Bobber

Hidden away on EV Album I found this beefy electric bike from Hungary – an “electric bobber for rare peoples(sic).” What a wonderful, interesting design. Made out of water-cut Al 6082 aircraft aluminum alloy, the Big+Boy uses a Crystalyte Crown TC-80 Brushless DC hub motor and a custom-made prismatic cell battery. I love the Hungamerican […]

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Rocket Sled

The inspiration for the world’s fastest electric scooter can trace its origins to a singular moment in Brad Baker’s life. After cresting a hill on his cross-country bicycle ride from Virginia to Oregon, while soaking in the beauty of the Teton Mountains for the very first time, he was suddenly overwhelmed by a vision: A […]

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An all-electric bike from the Netherlands that evokes the birth of Harley-Davidson? Above is a photo of the oldest Harley-Davidson in the world – the “Serial Number One” at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Below, the Motorman electric bike created by Dutch designer Ronald Meijs, of Maastricht NL. Unlike a moped, there are […]


Nothing = Zero

If you want to buy an electric motorcycle that is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, with a top speed of 102 mph and a potential range of 185 miles, nothing equals Zero. Zero Motorcycles of Scotts Valley, California. In 2009, I had reached out to the founder of Zero […]

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Et Tu Brutus?

References to Julius Caesar end. The story of the world’s most eclectic electric motorcycle brand begins. BIRTHPLACE: Henderson, Nevada. Salivate over these photos from BRUTUS – the V2 Rocket / the V9 / Brutus 2 / Brutus 2 Cafe ABOUT The Road Electric

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