The Odyssey of Jaume Josa

Every year in June, driving their little Nissan EVs, four intrepid Catalan pioneers converge on the jagged mountains of Montserrat. This is the story of Jaume Josa, one of the first four Nissan Leaf owners in Spain. “Jein.” It’s a German word meaning both “yes and no.” And it’s the answer Jaume Josa gives me […]

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Follow the Road

The age of the electric vehicle has arrived. The Road Electric offers unique news and a fresh perspective on electric cars and alternative energy. Follow The Road. Are there really EVs in Paradise? Who is ELEKTRA? Get your NANOTUBE ready. Would you go on The Barton Park Adventure? Tiny is HUGE The Barcelona Double Wow […]

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A New(ish) Leaf

The 2012 Nissan Leaf SL (above) had an MSRP of $38,415 when it was leased to a local couple in January, 2013. Two years later it came off of lease, and after being driven a few months by a dealer, I purchased it for $11,500 – almost $27,000 less. A virtually new car, with only […]

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