3X the Clarity

When I ran across a Honda Clarity tucked quietly away in the upper South Hall at CES last January, I was introduced to Honda’s concept of generating hydrogen on-site in a stand-alone fueling station.


It turns out that Honda had more than a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in mind with the Clarity.

Just announced are 2 other versions of Clarity that will be available for purchase: a fully electric BEV version, and a plug-in hybrid version – 3 models in total. The FCEV will only be offered in California and possibly the Northeast. Honda is expecting most of the consumer interest to be with the plug-in hybrid.

Perhaps this chart helps explain why:


Hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe. And a hydrogen fuel cell is a remarkable way of generating electricity. It just might not be the best way to power an electric car.


Time will tell.


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