Electric Driving

in the Time of Trump

Politics aside, the question that should be asked is why would we continue to drive fossil-fueled powered vehicles if battery technology continues to improve?

The price of gasoline has been “affordable” for some time now. But like any commodity, the price can be manipulated by producers and suppliers at will. If you’ve lived longer than a few years, you’ve seen it happen.

Contrast this with the price of electricity

In the Unites States of America, if you’re connected to the grid, you’re protected from wildly fluctuating rates. Electric utilities are geographically designated monopolies regulated by Public Utility Commissions. As a homeowner, you have but one choice as to where to get your electricity (unless you’re generating your own and living off the grid). Because of that monopoly, your rates are regulated. Your electric company can’t just arbitrarily increase rates overnight like your local gas station is able to do. While increases in cost eventually get passed along to consumers – no matter what energy source – the fact is, electrical rates are far more stable than fuel prices. And that, Mr. Trump, is money in the bank for the average consumer.


All energy pricing is a bubble that can burst. About the only way to truly insulate yourself from all volatility is to install your own solar, wind or hamster-powered electrical generation. Of course, you have to factor in how much it costs to purchase, house and feed your hamster. (Solar and wind hold true potential – once they’re paid off, you have the cost of maintenance for the remaining 20+ year lifespan – vs. the three-year lifespan of a hamster.)

Zero Emissions • Spunky Acceleration • Unplug and Go

Currently, driving all-electric – all of the time – is mostly the domain of EV zealots and billionaires.* The price of energy storage (batteries) makes true long-range electric vehicles like the Tesla 100D a bit beyond the average Joe’s pocketbook (a 100D starts at $128,000).

But if battery storage (range) continues to improve, and if battery prices continue going down (thanks to innovators like Tesla and its Gigafactory)…. well, you just might have to ask yourself:


*The “B” word is used purely as hyperbole and in acknowledgement of this article’s namesake.

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