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Indian company Mahindra has been selling tractors in the U.S. since 1994.


Because I am American, and apparently know nothing about the rest of the world, I was surprised to discover how large of a global company Mahindra is, and what they’re up to in the way of electric vehicles: the Mahindra REVA e2o. But put away your checkbooks, you can’t buy an e2o in the U.S. of A. It has a 74 mile range, on par with the claimed range of a Nissan Leaf. But with a top speed barely over 50 mph, and a very “Pixar” appearance, this might not be the one for us Yanks, anyway.


The e2o is longer (2ft.+) and narrower (1″+) than a Smart fortwo, but will hold four persons of indeterminate size. Big folks up front. The REVA meets European safety standards, with crumple zones and a safety cage. Body panels are color-impregnated ABS, for dent and scratch resistance. Mahindra & Mahindra acquired the Reva Electric Car Company in May 2010, which was selling the REVAi electric car globally, most specifically attracting attention in the UK – Top Gear mauled the little REVAi numerous times. Let’s just say the REVAi (pictured below) was a great foil for the boys.


I don’t think Top Gear will go easy on the e2o, either, even with Jeremy Clarkson gone. The cute little REVA e20 just looks like it should be picked on.


What the REVA e2o really has going for it is price – 7,67,136 rupees (copy + paste from REVA website). I’m going to round up to $13,000 USD. It has a lot features: hill holding, reverse camera, bluetooth, integrated maps – the list goes on and is really quite impressive considering the price point.


If you visit the MahindraREVA website and watch a few of the customer testimonials, you might get the same feeling I had. Even a base Nissan Leaf will make the average guy pause in terms of price. The REVA is less than half the cost – about what you’ll pay for a base gasoline-powered Chevy Spark. It’s all hypothetical here in America, but in India and many other countries, I’m willing to bet these little electric cars have to potential to make a big difference.

No matter how they look.
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TOP GEAR has fun with the REVAi

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