Let HERTZ put you in the [ELECTRIC] driver’s seat.

Hetz Puts You in the Driver's Seat

Long before iPhones and even fax machines, there were Hertz rent-a-car television commercials and print ads where a driver (sometimes accompanied by a passenger) would float down from the sky into a gas-guzzling Detroit behemoth (they were all sexy gas-guzzling behemoths) while a commanding male voice would intone the slogan:

“Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat.”

Now, Hertz has made a deal to purchase 100,000 Tesla Model 3’s for its rental fleet.

The DRIVER’S SEAT just got a lot more interesting.

Thanks to this exciting development, potentially hundreds of thousands of consumers can experience the thrill of electric driving without “rolling the dice” and committing to a purchase. This is a very good thing. Because once these excitement-starved drivers experience the quiet, effortless acceleration of an electric car, their love affair with infernal (internal) combustion engines will disappear.

Driving electric isn’t just about zero emissions. It’s also about having fun while driving.

Hertz Tesla Model 3 Rentals

One can have all the facts and figures, the rationale, the thought-it-through and penciled-it-out and still have no idea what it’s like to drive electric.

So do yourself a favor. Rent a Tesla from Hertz.

To drive electric is to love electric.


⦿You charge at home for cents on the dollar compared to the cost of gas

⦿Maintenance is almost non-existent: brakes last dramatically longer, no oil changes, no serpentine belts to break, valve trains to implode….

⦿Acceleration is effortless and fun

⦿There are other EV’s out there besides Tesla – take the LUKA EV for example:

luka evMW MOTORS LUKAThis retro-cool EV from the Czech Republic speaks for itself.luka backluka3luka sidelukacharge


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