FRACTAL: a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale, such as found in this Romanesco broccoli.

FRACTAL: also the name of an electric concept car by Peugeot.


In 2019, all electric vehicles in the European Union will be mandated to emit a noise to assure that living creatures will know they’re about to be run over by an EV. Engineers at Peugeot saw this as an opportunity to create a brand statement, not an actual vehicle that will one day share the road with your grandmother’s Datsun. They enlisted the aid of Amon Tobin, world-renowned electronic music artist responsible for Get Your Snack On (one of my favorites, although I must admit, before reading about the Fractal project I hadn’t been exposed to Tobin).

If you’re interested, here are two videos about the project. The first is a very slick concept video.

The second, Peugeot and Tobin talk about the project.

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