Rising from the Ashes

In “Fisker Falling, Detroit Rising” – published in July of 2012 – I wrote about Fisker Automotive and the then undecided fate of the company. On October 29 Hurricane Sandy helped seal that fate with 6 to 8 feet of seawater. Fisker’s entire European shipment of 338 Karmas were destroyed at Port Newark, New Jersey.


The Karma was a beautiful electric vehicle with an on-board range extender similar to the Chevy Volt. In fact, the Karma used a 2.0-liter Ecotec four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine from GM. Besides its supercar styling, it also featured a solar paneled roof, said to be capable of generating a half kilowatt-hour a day, used to aid the cabin climate control system. Pedestrians were alerted to the Karma’s presence by a warning sound that was emitted automatically – activated only when the car was traveling in all-electric mode at less than 25 mph (40 km/h). It was priced starting at $102,000.



Ironically, 16 of the Karmas destroyed by Sandy were consumed in fire, when one of the control modules shorted out in the salt water. High winds spread the fire from vehicle to vehicle. The superstorm subsided. A $30,000,000 loss claim was filed.

On November 22, 2013, Fisker filed its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

Sixteen months later, an American subsidiary of a Chinese automotive components manufacturing company bought the assets of Fisker Automotive. Fisker was reborn, like an automotive Phoenix rising from ash and sea. My hopes were raised when I went to THENEWFISKER and discovered that the neonate is expected this month.


But hold on…

On February 22, this year, Reuters reported that “Chinese auto parts maker Wanxiang Group 000559.SZ will push back its planned relaunch of the defunct Fisker Karma hybrid sports car until mid-2016 and rebrand Fisker Automotive as Elux.”

Search Google for “Fisker Automotive” and THENEWFISKER pops right up.

Go to THENEWFISKER and you’re teased with: INTRODUCING APRIL 2015.

Apparently someone fell asleep at the factory and the marketing folks weren’t informed. Or they were informed, and figured it wasn’t worth calling the IT person and getting it changed. OR, better yet, in some conspiracy-theory-fueled dream, The New Fisker will appear this month despite the protestations and misdirections. I hope so. I was looking forward to seeing what THE WANXIANG GROUP 000559.SZ was going to do with the world’s first luxury plug-in hybrid.


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