An all-electric bike from the Netherlands that evokes the birth of Harley-Davidson? harleyAbove is a photo of the oldest Harley-Davidson in the world – the “Serial Number One” at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Below, the Motorman electric bike created by Dutch designer Ronald Meijs, of Maastricht NL. Unlike a moped, there are no pedals. You crank the throttle and go up to 43 miles, at a top speed of 28 mph.harley2
Meijs has captured the Harley zeitgeist. If the Motorman was not inspired by the Harley-Davidson, then, perhaps an early Indian. Regardless, the divine form has found another outlet. Which is a very good thing. DESIGN is where differentiation begins and brand aspiration is ignited. Whether you like the look of the Motorman or not, it is distinct, and for some, to be desired (if you don’t mind spending a good chunk of money: $5000+ in Europe). I could easily imagine one cruising the streets of the Pearl District here in Portland, Oregon, with an appropriately bedecked hipster astride.
Better yet, I can imagine an appropriately attired ME astride a Motorman, loafing along the beach in the Florida Keys. That sounds perfect. However, I’m going to have to mount an old-fashioned bicycle bell.



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