Welcome to My Driveway

A fossil-fueled car is essentially an oil tanker on wheels. And when oil tankers get old, they leak. Just take a look at my driveway. Or the grocery store parking lot. A drip or two, over time, multiplied by millions of vehicles, and you’ve got environmental impact. Some older, poorly maintained vehicles are more like the Exxon Valdez – spewing a sheen of oil as they travel our roadways. You’ll see it when it rains.


Even when you’re fueling a vehicle, vapors escape into the atmosphere, and possibly some of the fuel drips onto the ground (how about that defective auto-shutoff at the gas pump). Engines need oil for lubrication, which becomes contaminated and must be removed, re-refined, or sadly – dumped into garbage. Oil filters and fuel filters by the millions find their way – somewhere. Empty containers with residual oil typically inhabit landfills. It’s a big, sticky mess, really.


So the fact of the matter is that EVs are not just about Zero Emissions.


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