I am pretending to interview Neil Young, the socially conscious artist who moved a 15 year-old to sing “old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you were…” I have to pretend, because I actually haven’t tried to interview the man who made such a great impression on me then, and who continues to impress me now. Pono music included.

But I digress.

Sitting in a barber shop in 2007, I was killing time by reading an article in FAST COMPANY about a man named Johnathan Goodwin who turned out hybrid biodiesel electric specialty vehicles for folks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Neil Young. Big American monster-cars that got 60+ mpg by using an elixir of diesel, hydrogen-injection and electric drive. I was really excited about the article. Then I forgot about it.

Neil Young and his team, of course, did not forget. You can go to LINKVOLT and learn about the 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible that they turned into an eco-machine.

“Onboard charging is accomplished by generating electricity in and for an electric car with environmentally responsible domestically produced fuel. You can charge the vehicle while it is underway, eliminating electric car range anxiety.”

Reminds one of a Chevy Volt, with a gargantuan amount of character and a sustainable bio-heart. If that turns you on, then Zelectric Beetles might well also.

Read the Fast Company article here.

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