Rocket Sled

The inspiration for the world’s fastest electric scooter can trace its origins to a singular moment in Brad Baker’s life.

After cresting a hill on his cross-country bicycle ride from Virginia to Oregon, while soaking in the beauty of the Teton Mountains for the very first time, he was suddenly overwhelmed by a vision:


As this fossil-fueled colossus came barrelling toward him, a profound thought was triggered in his mind:

“We are doing this all wrong. It’s all wrong.”

So this former GM engineer decided to do it right.


Having already left Lordstown, Ohio and GM behind (where he had learned a lot about servo and induction motors working in robotics), he moved to Portland, Oregon and started building electric motorcycles (choppers), and then converting trucks (one of his personal vehicles is a converted Suzuki Samurai) all of which led him to designing and building high-performance, state-of-the-art ROCKET SLEDS.


To be fair, a WORKS ELECTRIC B14 is a far cry from a “sled” – unless that sled is built from forged aircraft-grade aluminium, weighs under 80 lbs., features the latest in battery technology and bristles with innovative engineering and design.

Oh. And can accelerate to 35 mph faster than anything you’ve ever ridden. Hence, the rocket part.


His first production model – the Rover – was designed to be a superior urban vehicle – lithe and nimble – the best thing you can ride around on the streets. His customers are global: from Tokyo to Stockholm, Works Electric scooters are propelling riders in the most efficient, thrilling manner possible.


The new B14 – is built for the outdoors. Because it’s so lightweight, and the handle folds down, portability is paramount. Into the trunk of your car and off you go, to some scenic spot where you can conquer the trails.

Because its high-torque motor (instant torque, no less) is coupled with 4000 watts of power on tap, the B14 “destroys hills” — meaning, it doesn’t slow down. And with a range of 30 miles, you can rocket into the wilds for 10 or so prudent miles and back again. If you’re crazy, go for broke and try for 15 each way, but don’t blame Brad if you go too far. You’re probably riding the thing way too hard and having impossibly way too much fun.


Maybe you can blame Brad.

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