Concept vehicles create attention and inspire the mind with “what if.” Citroën has set out to do this in advance of the Geneva Motor Show by teasing the automotive world with the E-Tense electric sports car concept.


By building on its Formula E (all-electric) racing experience, the venerable French automobile manufacturer is electrifying discussion about its DS Automobiles luxury brand with a concept car that capitalizes on the excitement and interest electric vehicles are commanding due to climate change, Dieselgate, and the obvious fact that EVs are the future.


This is a smart move, both in terms of gaining press attention ahead of the Motor Show, and in delivering head-turning sports car performance. The 3,600 lb. E-Tense will unleash 402 horses with 380 ft-lb. of torque to propel the green machine from zero to 60 MPH in 4.5 seconds.1


True to French form, the associated teaser video is très intéressant – nothing ho-hum about “Art in Motion.” Based more in fiction than fact, it’s all about kindling interest, rather than educating the masses. I think the French are especially good at this, perhaps sometimes to the detriment of cognition, but why quibble over minutia?

It reminds me of another concept video from Citroën’s brand-partner, Peugeot, perhaps because some of the same visual techniques are used. “Vive les similitudes.”

Exotic, sparse on information, these concept videos for concept vehicles accomplish what the are designed to do:
spark the imagination.

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1. [Concept car = concept performance. Citroën also claims a 200 mile range for the vehicle.]

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