@TeslaMotors and the little-known barely-anticipated Model 3 Launch

The company Bob Lutz likes to pick on is at it again.

  1. First they gave us a little expensive Roadster that famous people drove around Beverly Hills.
  2. Then the luxury 4-door Model S and its insane variants.
  3. Recently a fortunate few began driving an SUV called X.
  4. And now this. The Model 3. The electric car for the rest of us.

(@elonmusk even leaked Tesla’s top-secret development plan to the whole world in this video but nobody seemed to care!)

Apparently it’s a big deal.

Sure, it’s going to cost less than a 2016 Nissan Leaf SL. So what? Just because it can go ONE HUNDRED + miles further than a Leaf on a single charge, who cares? Safety, fast acceleration, super-charging, seating for 5 adults and “autopilot” technology nobody is ever going to use. I’d rather drift across lanes in my sleep any day.


Yes, I’m being facetious.

There would not be the same interest in electric vehicles in the mass market were it not for Tesla. Whether or not Tesla’s business model is sustainable (Bob seems to think not), I don’t know. Elon’s also trying to land rocket ships on a spaceport floating in the ocean. Give him a little credit for dreaming LARGE.

Maybe this is why GM wanted to beat Tesla to the punch with the Chevy Bolt?


Electric vehicles are the future. And thanks to Tesla Motors, that future looks exciting.

270,000+ pre-orders and 1,644,571+ views of the YouTube video (above) seem to indicate the launch of the Model 3 is a very big deal.*

*As of April 6, 2016. menu

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