The age of the electric vehicle has arrived. The Road Electric offers unique news and a fresh perspective on electric cars and alternative energy.

During the gas crisis of 1974 the idea of an electric car seemed rather appealing. No waiting in lines for gas. No CO2 spewing out into the environment or oil spots on your driveway. Just unplug your car from your home charger and go.

Of course, due to lead acid batteries and then current technology, you weren’t going to go very far, very fast.

Then, in the late 90’s, along came the EV-1 and the Corbin Sparrow. One you could buy (only 285 Sparrows were manufactured), the other you leased and had to give back to GM so they could crush it and help fuel conspiracy theories. Regardless, these vehicles gave real hope in an EV-starved world. But the Pain-at-the-Pump wasn’t severe enough, and the specter of RANGE continued to haunt the public. Yet these vehicles played an important role in the modern history of the EV. The Sparrow, in particular, demonstrated that entrepreneurial courage was possible, if not practical, and that consumers didn’t have to look to the Big Automotive Manufacturers for solutions. Hats off to today’s courageous entrepreneurs.

There are a LOT of challenges to making the shinning future of EV a reality, but misguided or not, I am a BELIEVER. Hence, this website.

If you haven’t seen a Sparrow in person,
they were really quite adorable.