Ions in La La Land

I am in the land of the automobile. The City of Angels and McLarens. A place where you ARE what you drive. A city with more exotic luxury and sports cars per square mile than there has a right or need to be. Cars are king. They are everything. From Pinto to P1, if you do not drive, you are nobody. And WHAT you drive determines who you are in the hierarchy of Autopia.




A Tesla is beyond the means of the average man, woman and aspiring electric car driver. That must make them appealing here in LA, because they seem to be everywhere. If you can afford a Tesla, you can afford to make a statement. “I can drive past gas stations.” Perhaps a status symbol is emerging? I do not think this is a bad thing. You can’t change the LA car culture. Even if the General Motors Streetcar Conspiracy is just folklore, the automobile has been firmly ensconced in Los Angeles for as long as I can remember. Why not aspire to drive a fancy Zero Emissions Vehicle, even if it is for the wrong reason? The world won’t suffer if fewer Bentleys are on the road. If an all-electric car can become the ascendant symbol of “I’ve arrived” – then there is a chance that the bias towards fire-breathing luxury dreadnoughts might fade.


Of course, it helps that a Model S P85 D – a heavy 4-door passenger car – can reach 60 mph a half of a second behind a McLaren P1. And speaking of Bentleys, the P85 D BEATS a 2015 Bentley Continental GT3-R by almost a half a second.


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  1. I remember this road trip. I remember the lady in the pinto smiled when she saw that we were taking her picture. Interesting fact is that we saw more Maclarens than Pintos.

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