What Dreams May Come (Here)

Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) has recently cracked open the U.S. market in a deal with Uber where drivers can lease the e6 for a week at time. Where can you take this electrified Uber ride? Chicago, at the moment. Here’s the boilerplate e6 information, right off of the website:

The e6 is a long-range, pure-electric utility vehicle. It is a cross between a sedan and an SUV with superior interior space (over 88.3 cu-ft or 2.5 m^3). With over 800 operating as public eTaxis, the e6 fleets have an accumulated range of over 45 million miles . The nominal range of the BYD e6 on a single charge (in an eTaxi duty-cycle) is about 186 miles (300 km) and it operates two shifts for nearly 24 hours with one mid-day supplemental charge.

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