Electron Bug

1. a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current.
2. a state or feeling of thrilling excitement.

In the case of the ZelectricBug, both definitions apply. Tesla, and other modern electric vehicles reflect design and engineering fully appreciative of aerodynamic drag. While Dr. Porsche might have taken aerodynamics into account – a Beetle beats a Citroën 2CV (VW Beetle Cd=0.48 / 2CV Cd=0.51) – his goal was a people’s car designed to please der Führer. That must have been a weird experience. Despite its Nazi heritage, the Beetle’s design looks even better now, what with the sea of sameness in automotive design influenced in part, by Cd.


A Tesla isn’t cheap. Neither is a ZelectricBug (>$54K). If you want cheap, you could buy a Mitsubishi i-MiEV (no comment). You could spend a little more and get a Nissan Leaf. Even more and you’re running around in a BMW i3. If you want something really exotic, you might even be tempted to pick up a Fisker Karma (no, it’s not all-electric), but you’ll still be cursed with a fancy-sleek design.


However . . . why not just absorb the elegant wonder of the all-electric Beetle. Timeless. Cool. And likely, not going to depreciate like a brick. Zelectric claims these bugs will appreciate, which makes complete sense. Imagine owning a car that isn’t a sink-hole.


Maybe some day I’ll get to talk to the man behind Zelectric, David Benardo. Maybe I’ll pony up and buy a Zelectric vehicle (perhaps a Karmann Ghia). But thanks to Zelectric, I have a choice. I don’t have to buy a carbon fiber Sears–Haack body-looking vehicle if I don’t want to. I can buy a classic VW Beetle, and not only DRIVE an electric vehicle, but FEEL the electricity. And that’s what sets the electron bug apart, in my opinion.


GM EV1 Cd=0.195 Dymaxion (Fuller) Cd=0.25 Tesla Cd=0.24 Tucker 48 Cd=0.27 AMC Pacer Cd=0.32 VW Beetle Cd=0.48 Citroën 2CV Cd=0.51 Hummer H2 Cd=0.57



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