Cheapskate EV Owner Secrets Revealed

My 2012 Nissan Leaf had an MSRP of $38,485.

I purchased it used less than 3 years later with just over 9800 miles for $11,500.

Now, I’m driving a 2014 Certified Used Chevy Volt (with a 12 month/12000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty) that cost just under $17k (with 28k miles at the time of purchase) – MSRP approx. $38,000 as well. If you’re a better negotiator (not hard) – you can get an even better deal on an off-lease EV.

If you can afford – or choose to pay for (or lease) – a new Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, etc. etc. – that’s great! But you do not have to pay a premium for the experience of owning and driving an EV.

That’s because EVs come off lease at greatly reduced prices.*

Do the math on TCO – total cost of ownership. A used EV is a great deal – IF you are interested in driving electric. Consider this:

  • How much do you spend annually on oil changes and other maintenance that an EV doesn’t have?
  • Would you like to be insulated from rapid price changes in the cost of petroleum?
  • How would you like to conveniently “fill up” overnight (at cents on the dollar) while you’re sleeping, instead of making a side trip to the gas station?
  • Would you like to put some fun back in your driving? EVs offer quick, effortless acceleration and a lower center of gravity for better handling.

Once you have experienced electric driving you will not want to go back to gear-thumping, engine-growling ICE (internal combustion engine) driving.

Here’s a snapshot of what either of the two vehicles mentioned above could save you in fuel costs alone:

Fuel Economy Comparison

Inevitably, someone asks if I’m driving an electric car to save the environment.

All energy consumption comes at a cost to the environment.

However, our principal source of energy for powering vehicles – petroleum – comes at a considerable cost. There are plenty of reasons why simply shifting the current transportation model (individual vehicles often with a single occupant) to electric power won’t “save” the environment. But remember, some of the first vehicles invented were powered by electric batteries, before the oil industry made it affordable and convenient to power vehicles with petroleum. Now that we know the impact of automobile pollution on our environment (and it’s not just tailpipe emissions), it’s unconscionable to simply maintain the status quo.

So, no. I don’t drive an EV to save the environment. I drive an off-lease EV because I’m a cheapskate.

With a conscience.



Check out how much you might save in fuel costs at

Read this article in FORBES about buying an electric car.

*Tesla is an exception as they control the leasing and the residual value of the vehicle.

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