The Future of the Future?


In the article Faraday Future I wrote about a company that at the time was shrouded in mystery.

Now it’s even more so.

Based in California, Faraday Future boasts it will create vehicles with “four wheels” and “re-envision everything else.” Thanks to FF’s recent announcement that they’ll be building a billion-dollar factory somewhere, maybe – the press is currently involved in a wonderful whirlwind of speculation about who’s behind the company.

My favorite machination: Faraday Future is a front for Apple.*

Here’s what I know for a fact:

The Faraday Future website has been re-tooled since I first visited, and the references I made to it in my prior article are no longer valid.

For instance, I wrote:

“The FF website points out that “Albert Einstein kept a picture of Michael Faraday (along with Sir Isaac Newton) on his wall as inspiration for innovation” – so I’m thinking about digging up a photo of Einstein for my wall to remind me that all things are relative.”

Apparently, things are very relative. Albert is gone and Michael Faraday is no longer mentioned.

However, one thing I stated in the article appears to be holding true:

“…with all of the press this startup will no doubt receive, we’ll be hearing more about FARADAY FUTURE in the future.”

Searching for answers? Don’t look to FF’s new website. In its revised form, it’s slightly boring and industrial-looking, sporting a lot of black and white photographs that feel intentionally like a 1960’s IBM brochure. The site is pretty much devoid of information, other than naming the top executives poached from Tesla and BMW.

Indulging in Some Fanciful Speculation

Is Faraday Future distancing itself from its namesake because it will one day suddenly change names? I doubt it. But if there’s even a remote chance the Apple rumour holds any merit, I’m betting it won’t be named after a famous physicist. They tried that once.
Besides, another company has already cornered the market on cool-sounding scientist’s names.

*Apple has announced plans to build an electric car, for those of you who might not know.

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