Update to the Future

In The Future of the Future I indulged in fanciful speculation about who was behind Faraday Future. In the meantime, the facts have become known and widely publicized.

“We will build the best electric cars to solve the problems of air pollution and traffic jams in China.”

    – Jia Yueting


Jia is a billionaire. From his birth in Shanxi province in 1973 to being listed by Forbes as the 17th richest person in China, Jia’s rise to wealth, along with his interest in electric vehicles puts him at the focal point of the clamor surrounding the newest, most elusive EV in the news.

That elusiveness should evaporate at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, when Faraday unveils “a concept inspired by our design and engineering vision.” By concept, I hope they mean vehicle.

Will Jia be on hand?

Stay tuned to The Road Electric.

You can read more about Jia Yueting in this LA TIMES article.

2 thoughts on “Update to the Future

  1. Darrell,
    I will have to do some research on Jia. I have never heard of him, much less China’s interest in electric cars. Sounds like some real innovation is happening there without the constraints of the government and the EPA to hold them back.
    Merry Christmas my friend!

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