What If

The Road Electric looks forward to the unveiling of the Future at CES. Watch the teaser video now: From Faraday Future: “On January 4, 2016, Faraday Future will unveil a concept inspired by our design and engineering vision. The future of mobility is closer than you think.” “We will launch with fully electric vehicles that […]

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The Future of the Future?

UPDATE In the article Faraday Future I wrote about a company that at the time was shrouded in mystery. Now it’s even more so. Based in California, Faraday Future boasts it will create vehicles with “four wheels” and “re-envision everything else.” Thanks to FF’s recent announcement that they’ll be building a billion-dollar factory somewhere, maybe […]

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Test Drive of a Petrol Car

I don’t usually pass along a story without “interpreting” it, but there is a first time for everything. Instead of boring you with my blather, I’m simply sending you to an article by Tesla Club of Sweden member Tibor Blomhäll. It’s a fun, if not long, read. Thanks to John Ripper for bringing it to […]

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A New(ish) Leaf

The 2012 Nissan Leaf SL (above) had an MSRP of $38,415 when it was leased to a local couple in January, 2013. Two years later it came off of lease, and after being driven a few months by a dealer, I purchased it for $11,500 – almost $27,000 less. A virtually new car, with only […]

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Faraday Future

Now comes FARADAY FUTURE announcing its future entree (2017) into the EV world. No vehicle(s) at this time. Just a company intending to build a vehicle that will have “four wheels.” They are sticking with four wheels. Plenty of articles are questioning almost everything about the venture, because I guess someone has to question everything. […]

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Beyond The Zombie

“It’s the battery, stupid.” Everyone who designs and builds electric vehicles understands this axiom, John Wayland included. “It’s all about the battery.” But John isn’t just anyone involved with electric vehicles. He’s the man behind the legendary White Zombie, the all-electric Datsun 1200 that has been blowing the doors off of gas-powered competitors at the […]

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Ions in La La Land

I am in the land of the automobile. The City of Angels and McLarens. A place where you ARE what you drive. A city with more exotic luxury and sports cars per square mile than there has a right or need to be. Cars are king. They are everything. From Pinto to P1, if you […]

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Rising from the Ashes

In “Fisker Falling, Detroit Rising” – published in July of 2012 – I wrote about Fisker Automotive and the then undecided fate of the company. On October 29 Hurricane Sandy helped seal that fate with 6 to 8 feet of seawater. Fisker’s entire European shipment of 338 Karmas were destroyed at Port Newark, New Jersey. […]

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